Clinical research lays the foundation that’s necessary to make advancements in healthcare. The advancements made through clinical research offers all patients new treatment options and life-changing decisions.

Volunteering for a clinical trial means contributing to the development of treatments and impacting our future generations, and you can be part of the answer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is clinical research?

Clinical trials provide answers to scientific questions that help find the best ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and medical conditions. Clinical trials include the evaluation of devices, medications, and diagnostic products. Studies are conducted by a trained medical research team and conform to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are studies that are led by experienced clinical research teams on subjects (volunteers) to find answers for advanced medicine. Clinical trials help with diagnosing diseases, finding new indications for current or new drugs, developing and improving current or new medical devices, or treating diseases. All clinical trials are conducted in a safe healthcare environment with patient safety being the focus

Who can participate?!

Anyone can participate in a clinical trial!! Individuals between the age ranges of toddlers to elderly patients may participate if they qualified for the study design. Healthy patients or sick patients can volunteer depending on if they meet the criteria to participate.

What is the process?

Volunteers will have to be present at one of our medical facilities. Our trained clinical research team will explain the study in detail, including risks and benefits, and go over a consent form to ensure that volunteers understand the benefits, purpose, and the risks of their participation in the clinical trial.

The total time needed for participation varies from one study to another.

After completing the trial, volunteers will receive compensation and will be released to return to their daily routine.

What is the compensation?

Clinical trials compensate volunteers for their time and travel, depending on the study that they are qualified for.

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