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KUR Research is expanding their Investigative Site Network through strategic collaboration with existing urgent cares and private practices nationally.

Why so many physicians choose to conduct clinical research:

Increase Revenue


Growing Your Practice

Existing Patient Care

Cutting Edge

Increase Revenue

Working with KUR Research offers a significant secondary revenue stream for the practice that is not dependent upon insurance payers and does not require an additional capital investment from the provider. KUR will invest capital for staff, infrastructure, and equipment to get your practice started in clinical trials.


Physicians that conduct clinical research adhere to the highest quality standards and guidelines in the medical industry, clearly separating their practices from other providers.

Growing Your Practice

Clinical research, and the associated cutting-edge therapies, will attract new patients seeking the best in medical care and an improved quality of life. This allows the practice to be considered a leader in its therapeutic area, offering the most advanced therapies before they are available on the market.

Existing Patient Care

Clinical research augments the standard of care, providing existing patients access to next-generation treatment options that would not otherwise be available in a traditional clinic setting. Clinical trials allow patients to be more active in their healthcare, providing education and choices that improve their wellbeing.

Cutting Edge

Our physicians are directly contributing to the advancement of the newest therapies, devices, and treatments and have the opportunity for their work to be credited and published.

Starting Research with Your Practice

The first step we will take with a new perspective partnership is to assess the physician and their practice to determine if clinical research is an appropriate fit. We will gather information regarding the scope and potential impact on care that clinical research may be able to provide in your practice. KUR Research will also gather and evaluate the centers equipment, physical structure, layout, research history, partnerships, time commitments, and patient availability to ensure the proper execution of clinical trials is obtainable.

After we complete the initial assessment and we have collectively identified a Principal Investigator (PI) who will be the lead physician involved with the clinical trials and will be responsible for its oversight, we will discuss with the practice and the physician how KUR Research works in more detail. During the discussion we will review the expectations, time commitments, responsibilities, and the procedures that will need to be completed prior to starting the research program.

Next, we would discuss necessary support staff roles and responsibilities that will be involved in the clinical trial process from the practice and KUR Research. Once all the information is reviewed and agreed upon, KUR Research will present the physician and practice with the agreement contract for review. Once the contract is signed, KUR Research will initiate the research program within their practice.

It’s now time to start implementing the research program at your practice! We will evaluate the patient population of your practice to determine what type of clinical trials will provide the most benefit to your patients and practice. During this time, we will set up the research office within the practice and begin hiring clinical research staff. While this is taking place, the PI and any other research staff members of your practice will begin completing the required trainings that are imperative for any new staff to complete for clinical trial submissions to begin.

Once trainings are completed, we will begin applying for trials that are relevant based on your patient population. When applying for a clinical trial, the application process is time sensitive and will require a less than 72-hour response time from the research staff. After an application and/or feasibility questionnaire has been accepted, we will prepare for a Pre-Site Visit with the sponsor to ensure that the site meets all the requirements to conduct the clinical trial. Once the Pre-Site Visit is completed, a Site-Initiation Visit (SIV) will be scheduled with all research staff, the PI, and sponsor to provide training on the protocol to all staff. Once the SIV is completed and all staff is trained and delegated, the site will begin enrolling patients into the study.

Research, Development & Acquisition

As part of our initial assessment of the practice, KUR Research will determine what type of clinical trials are the most appropriate for your practice’s patient population. Once we gather that information, Our Business Development team will complete a rigorous trial application process for each clinical trial which includes a site feasibility, aggregating de-identified data about your patient population, and past performance matrixes. Our Business Development team is dedicated to ensuring a steady research pipeline for our sites.

Site Management

The KUR Research onsite team will provide complete management of each study from the time of enrollment to study close out. Our onsite team of Area Managers and Clinical Research Coordinators will be responsible for consenting/re-consenting all subjects, maintaining all study related documents, supplies, investigational products, sponsor provided materials, all subject and study related documentation, all monitoring visits either remote or onsite, accurate and consistent data collection, and more to ensure all enrollment goals are met.

Contract Negotiations

KUR Research will negotiate and, if necessary, renegotiate each contract for all clinical trials to ensure appropriate contractual relationships for each physician and their practice. Once a contract is agreed upon, KUR Research will ensure the research site staff comply with contractual obligations.


KUR Research will monitor and oversee all financial aspects of each clinical trial including but not limited to the budget negotiations, invoicing, billing, account reconciliation, patient stipends, and financial models. Physicians and their practices will not have to worry about the financial aspects of the clinical trials which will allow them to focus on the most important task at hand, patient care.


Although the primary source of patients will be from your practice’s population, we will design, develop, and receive Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for any additional marketing when appropriate. Each marketing campaign will not only bring awareness to each clinical trial being conducted at your research site but will be an opportunity to market your practice in a way that informs current and potential patients that your practice has more to offer with the newest treatments and devices.

Research Site Management

All clinical trials conducted require a tremendous amount of time and effort. KUR Research has a robust workforce in place to ensure each clinical trial receives the appropriate attention at all our current and potential locations. We employ area managers, clinical research coordinators, and research assistants to work at your private practice to make sure no details are missed throughout the clinical trial process. Our staff will handle all aspects of the clinical trials providing more time for your practice to focus on patient care.

Clinical Trial Management System

All data and processes are managed by our propriety clinical trial management system, also known as CTMS, which electronically captures all aspects of each clinical trial such as patient management, patient scheduling and reminders, recruitment, study and subject data, source documents, regulatory documents, accounting and budgeting, financial models, patient stipends, document storage and archiving, and so much more! CTMS is Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant and has triple redundant backups so our data will never be lost.


Quality Assurance

Providing quality data is our number one goal. KUR Research has a Quality Assurance Team who are consistently monitoring our subject data and study documents. We strive to provide the highest quality care to our patients, data to our sponsors, and support to our physicians.


KUR Research is not only making progress possible with clinical trials, but we are also expanding into Biobanking and growing our network. Follow up with us later for more information and how this can positively impact you and your practice!

If you have any questions or are interested in adding clinical trials to your urgent care center or private practice, call or e-mail us. We are happy to speak with you further about how clinical trials can impact your practice.

    Standardized Patient Care

    Why physicians decide to participate in clinical research:
    Who Are We?
    KUR Research is a clinical research Site Management Organization that has developed the first and only Investigative Site Network specifically geared to the urgent care industry and community-based private practices on a national scale, along with several pain management facilities, primary care groups, cardiologists, dermatologists, and other specialty physician practices. Our highly skilled research teams’ partner with healthcare providers to successfully conduct clinical research within established urgent care centers and physician offices.
    What Do We Do?
    KUR Research provides regulatory oversight, marketing and advertising, negotiation of contracts and budgets, patient recruitment, quality assurance control, daily coordination with contract research organizations and sponsors, onsite management, and much more to manage all aspects of clinical trial management with the providers.
    Why Conduct Clinical Research?
    In an increasingly competitive market, urgent care centers and private practices are constantly seeking ways to differentiate their practice from the others, to attract more patients, and to increase revenue. To differentiate your practice from others, a physician must offer advanced medical services as well as give patients a higher level of care. One way our KUR Research physicians accomplish this, is by conducting clinical trials at their urgent care centers or private practices. Physicians that do participate will be able to offer their patients cutting edge treatments, medications, and devices that they would otherwise not have access to. Additionally, patients that participate in clinical studies do so at no cost to them and are typically compensated for their time and travel throughout the duration of their study participation, receive a higher level of care, and learn significantly more about their illnesses.

    Research & Development

    KUR brings your practice clinical trials relevant to your patient population.

    Contracts & Administrative

    KUR negotiates all contracts and budgets and perform all administrative duties.

    Research Site Management

    KUR employs research staff to facilitate and manage each clinical trial.

    Clinical Trial Management

    All of KUR's processes and data are managed by our proprietary IT systems.

    Marketing & Enrollment

    KUR performs marketing campaigns for each trial and assist in patient enrolled.


    Approximately 80% of patients claim a physician’s recommendation is an important factor in deciding to participate in research.


    Nearly 80% of patients say they would consider getting involved in an appropriate clinical study if asked.


    Of the patients who have participated in a clinical study, 98% said they would consider enrolling in another clinical research study.


    The opportunity to improve the health of others was an important factor in deciding to enroll for 86% of people.

    KUR Research works towards achieving clear competitive advantages and increasing value in urgent care centers and private practice by facilitating clinical research through complete clinical trial management, creating true enterprise value. We strive to not only increase value by creating a significant secondary revenue stream, but through the ability to offer treatments and medications to patients that they would never have the opportunity to receive. Our physicians are working with the latest treatments while having a direct impact on the advancement of medicine. We are seasoned experts in the field of clinical trials, specifically in the urgent care and private practice environment.
    What separates us from everyone else is our experience and commitment to staying current with the ever-changing clinical research environment and recognizing the impact of such research with physicians. With over 14 years’ experience managing clinical research sites; we have worked on over 100 clinical trials in various therapeutic areas from inception to completion.

    We look forward to working with you!

    Developing better treatments today for tomorrow