Research, Development & Acquisition
As part of our initial assessment of the practice, KUR Research will determine what type of clinical trials are the most appropriate for your practice’s patient population. Once we gather that information, Our Business Development team will complete a rigorous trial application process for each clinical trial which includes a site feasibility, aggregating de-identified data about your patient population, and past performance matrixes. Our Business Development team is dedicated to ensuring a steady research pipeline for our sites.
Site Management
The KUR Research onsite team will provide complete management of each study from the time of enrollment to study close out. Our onsite team of Area Managers and Clinical Research Coordinators will be responsible for consenting/re-consenting all subjects, maintaining all study related documents, supplies, investigational products, sponsor provided materials, all subject and study related documentation, all monitoring visits either remote or onsite, accurate and consistent data collection, and more to ensure all enrollment goals are met.
Contract Negotiations
KUR Research will negotiate and, if necessary, renegotiate each contract for all clinical trials to ensure appropriate contractual relationships for each physician and their practice. Once a contract is agreed upon, KUR Research will ensure the research site staff comply with contractual obligations.
KUR Research will monitor and oversee all financial aspects of each clinical trial including but not limited to the budget negotiations, invoicing, billing, account reconciliation, patient stipends, and financial models. Physicians and their practices will not have to worry about the financial aspects of the clinical trials which will allow them to focus on the most important task at hand, patient care.
Although the primary source of patients will be from your practice’s population, we will design, develop, and receive Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for any additional marketing when appropriate. Each marketing campaign will not only bring awareness to each clinical trial being conducted at your research site but will be an opportunity to market your practice in a way that informs current and potential patients that your practice has more to offer with the newest treatments and devices.
Research Site Management
All clinical trials conducted require a tremendous amount of time and effort. KUR Research has a robust workforce in place to ensure each clinical trial receives the appropriate attention at all our current and potential locations. We employ area managers, clinical research coordinators, and research assistants to work at your private practice to make sure no details are missed throughout the clinical trial process. Our staff will handle all aspects of the clinical trials providing more time for your practice to focus on patient care.
Clinical Trial Management System
All data and processes are managed by our propriety clinical trial management system, also known as CTMS, which electronically captures all aspects of each clinical trial such as patient management, patient scheduling and reminders, recruitment, study and subject data, source documents, regulatory documents, accounting and budgeting, financial models, patient stipends, document storage and archiving, and so much more! CTMS is Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant and has triple redundant backups so our data will never be lost.
Quality Assurance
Providing quality data is our number one goal. KUR Research has a Quality Assurance Team who are consistently monitoring our subject data and study documents. We strive to provide the highest quality care to our patients, data to our sponsors, and support to our physicians.
KUR Research is not only making progress possible with clinical trials, but we are also expanding into Biobanking and growing our network. Follow up with us later for more information and how this can positively impact you and your practice!